REVIEWS & PHOTOS Saint Faustina Divine Mercy Drama

“We absolutely loved the performance- so many people were touched by it.” Event Coordinator, Philadelphia

"You've really captured the spirituality of Sister Faustina - excellent." Mother Superior, Pennsylvania

"I can't thank you enough for the deeply devotional and moving portrayal of Saint Faustina which was a highlight of the retreat for all of us." Michael W. Retreat Director, Malvern, PA

"Your drama really brought the story of St. Faustina to life.” Wilmington, DE

“Your performance of Saint Faustina comes from a heart deeply in love with the Lord. I and the Parish of St. Mary are honored to have had the opportunity to experience this moment of the Lord’s grace.”  Pastor, New Kensington, PA

“One could hear a pin drop in the church.  One gentleman drove two hours to witness the performance. Bishop Arthur O’Neill was greatly impressed by Nancy’s faithfulness to the Divine Mercy message.”  Fr. John M., Pastor, Rockford IL

“We truly enjoyed your stellar performance of Saint Faustina!  What a blessing to be able to portray this beautiful Saint.”  Pastor, Silver Spring MD

“So many people were moved by your beautiful performance...I couldn't get over how mesmerized all the kids were!”  Project Rachel Benefit Coordinator 

“May God continue to use you in such a beautiful way.  Bless you!”  Pastor, St. Boniface Church, Toronto, Canada

“I am sure that all who were able to share the evening with you were lifted in spirit.  May God be with you as you bring this message of faith to all who are hungry to listen.”  Pastor St. Joseph Church, Alliance Ohio

"Her presentation is inspiring and engaging.  I was particularly inspired by her rendition of the psalms.”  Pastor Sacred Hearts Church, Scranton, PA

“Truly this is an artist who understands that her gifts are to be used for the higher goal of bringing beauty and understanding to the world.” John Paul II Cultural Center Washington DC

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